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Note that this is a review of the Secret Gold Guide:

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Why am I writing this?  Well, when I started buying gold guides there weren’t many real reviews around so I thought I’d write one quickly to help any of you who are in the same position I was.

But be warned, I’ll be going into both the good and the bad points, so if that’s something you might not want to hear, then you may as well leave now.

What Exaclty Did I Look For In Secret Gold Guide?

The first thing I looked for when I bought the Secret Gold Guide was the table of contents.  So many guides on the market brag about 250-300 pages of content but when you  crack the guide open its nothing but fluff and rehashed crap.  The Secret Gold Guide lived up to its promise of no fluff and no filler.  It isn’t quite as long as some of the guides out there but the content is rich.  The guide is laid out in a manner that makes navigation quick and easy.

What’s Inside the Guide?

Inside the guide you’ll find detailed maps of the best zones and instances for making gold.  I’m not a real fan of farming in this way but its a necessary part of any guide out there.  The right spot makes a big difference between 200 gold an hour and 600.  The Secret Gold Guide kept this section pretty compact and on point; just some good maps and quick descriptions.

Probably the most important part of the Secret Gold Guide to me was the section dedicated to the auction house.  I don’t know what it is but I love playing the Ah like its a real life stock market.  It has some great info on what I call “sniping.”  Being successful on the auction house isn’t about buying 1000 of an item and making 10 copper profit each when you resell.  It is about finding the nuggets and making big gold on them.  If you can’t find a nugget the Secret Gold Guide has a section on ways to manipulate the market to get the prices you want.

The last piece I thought was especially good was the professions section.  A lot of guides skip right over professions or just briefly touch on em but the Secret Gold Guide goes into detail on which professions make the most gold and how to make gold with every profession.  This means you can choose the profession you want rather than having to go along with the norm.

The Secret Gold Guide has several other useful sections but these were the ones that really stood out to me.  Like I mentioned earlier though like any guide out there this one has some cons.

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What I Didn’t Like About Secret Gold Guide

I wish someone would come out with a video format of a gold guide but the Secret Gold Guide doesn’t offer it.  I came across a couple video guides in the past but they were just the auction house and they were like 70 bucks.  The other small thing that really bugs me about the Secret Gold Guide is its written for every player.  I’ve been playing Wow for 5 years so sometimes I feel like the guide is a little too simple.  Probably just me but if you are an advanced player you might skim over a few of the sections.

Quick Recap of the Pros and Cons


  • Lacks video instruction
  • Advanced Players may find some sections unnecessary


  • 100% Legal, No Cheats
  • Free Updates
  • Proven to Make Gold
  • Detailed Maps & Instructions
  • Secrets for All Levels
  • Works for Horde or Alliance
  • Over $247 in Free Bonuses
  • Full 60 Day 200% Money Back Guarantee

Botton Line

Hopefully, I was able to answer any questions you had about the Secret Gold Guide.  Its definitely lived up to its promise of 600 gold an hour so overall I’d say its worth a read.

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How to Make 500 Gold an Hour…

Hey everyone,

I wanted to do another post to give everyone a leg up on other Warcraft gamers.  I did a youtube video for another Warcraft site of mine not all that long ago detailing how I use other people’s professions to make over 500 gold an hour.  Rather than just pasting the video here(the sound quality is kinda bad) I thought I’d lay out exactly how it works.  Secret Gold Guide by Hayden Hawke will give you all kinds of ideas like this but anyway here goes.

First thing you want to do is log onto your character (any level) but it needs to have at least 300 gold.  If you don’t have 200 gold yet go ahead and grab the Secret Gold Guide I mentioned in my previous post.  If you’ve got your 300 gold head to the auction house in any major city and do a search for any epic gem.  I have found that King’s Amber is usually a good choice.

Once you have found the gym, well use king’s amber for our example, write down how much it is selling for.  At the time of this post King’s Ambers are going for about 175 gold on my server.  The mats are eternal life and autumn’s glow.  Eternal life is a bit high right now at 29 gold and autum’s glows are going for about 11 gold.  So we have invested 40 gold in mats.

Now, create a macro that reads “Now Hiring Alchemists!  Paying up to 300 gold per day.”  Let me break the macro down.  What you are actually doing is tipping 60 gold for a gem xmute but if the alchemist procs extras you want to tip them 60 gold for those as well.  So for example if they 5 proc you are going to hand them 300 gold but you are going to have 5 epic gems to sale out of the deal!

Lets assume you are unlucky and only get one gem though.  So you paid 40 gold for mats and tipped the alchemist 60 gold so you invested 100 gold and now you can sell that gem for 175 gold for about 70 gold profit after auction house fees. Don’t forget if you are a jewelcrafter you are going to make even more.  Secret Gold Guide comes with a bunch of freebies that includes a free professions guide so you can level Jcing fast.

If you do this everyday soon you will  have several alchemists working for you and you can make some serious gold.  I have about 35 who do it daily for me so I make 70 gold x 35 = 2450 gold a day off this one trick.  When you get a copy of Secret Gold Guide by Hayden Hawke you will learn all kinds of cool tricks like this and the best part is they are 100% legal.

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Secrets of a Warcraft Gold Guide

To get things started I wanted to do a short post on what you should be looking for when you are shopping for a Warcraft gold guide.  You are going to see everyone touting their product as the next great secret gold guide but the truth is far different.  Chances are if you blindly bought 10 wow guides on how to make more gold 7 of them are going to be total trash, 2 will be so-so, and one will be worth your hard earned dollars.

First, you need to look to see if  it offers a money back guarantee.  If the owner isn’t willing to stand behind their guide run far far away.  Next check to see what kind of gold claims they are making.  Believe it or not some guides are still only teaching how to make 200 gold an hour.  If you want to make 200 gold an hour go grind mobs and sell the trash, greens, etc.  You do NOT need a secret gold guide.  You should be looking for no less than 500+ gold an hour promises.

The final thing you want to be sure of is what exactly are you getting?  Some guides are just guides on how to make gold and nothing else while others include some free bonuses.  I used to be a really big fan of a guide out there called Gold Secrets but I don’t recommend it any longer.  The reason is pretty simple.  When I bought it back during Vanilla Wow it was the bomb but the owner hasn’t done much to update it for Burning Crusade or Wrath.  He threw in a few chapters but thats it and it doesn’t even have a professions guide.  If you want my opinion I’d suggest grabbing a copy of Secret Gold Guide written by Hayden Hawke.  That thing will have you making 600+ gold an hour plus she throws in NINE free bonuses valued at over $225.

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